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Easy Pop Songs On Guitar

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The Ultimate Guide About An Easy Pop Songs On Guitar

Easy Pop Songs On GuitarAlong with their memorable melodies and simple rhythmic patterns, pop songs have usually been great songs to study and play for beginner guitarists. Most of these guitar songs have easily understood structures alongside their well-known lyrics that are widely widespread by the audience, which will get the interest of any listener the moment you begin playing or singing the song. Most pop songs are quite easy to play with fundamental chord patterns or simple repetitive riffs that would no longer provide you any bother learning whilst you get comfier on the fretboard as you play guitar. Surely, there are more complicated structured pop songs, too, however you can hold them for later. If you’re just starting to experience playing your guitar and you’d like to play pop songs after then you’ve got to start with the effortless ones. Forget the guitar songs with extra complicated structures for now. What you want is to improve your guitar playing skills on your own guitar journey. These 25 easy pop songs to play on guitar will really help you boost proficiency in guitar playing, whilst just having fun.

Our Top 25 Pick Of An Easy Pop Songs On Guitar

1. “The Winner Takes It All” By ABBA

Here’s another popular great song straight from the 80s. There has been a lot of controversy about this song. Most people think that the song pertains to the divorce between ABBA’s lead vocalist, Agnetha Faitskog, and the band’s other vocalist, Bjorn Ulvaeus. While at the same time the couple denied this, there’s no denying the strength of the song when it comes to the charts. The song used to be a UK chart-topper as well as in many other countries. So, this is a simple piece for the guitar. You can have a very playful strumming pattern or go with a more simple technique. It’ll be awesome if you will choose a capo on the 4th fret to get that amazing tune of the original song. Don’t bother if you don’t have a capo. It will nevertheless sound beautiful, exactly if you get all the chords right.

2. “Lemon Tree” By Fool’s Garden

This is a very really unique kind of many pop songs that has a pretty extravagant vibe to it. The song additionally has elements of Britpop, which include catchy tunes and brighter melodies. “Lemon Tree” was an immediate sensation in the UK and many other European countries when it was introduced in 1995. These days, people continue to sing the piece due to the fact of its very unusual harmonics. Playing “Lemon Tree” on the guitar is both equally pretty simple and tricky. It’s the intro that will someway cause difficulties for beginner guitarists. Also, this part of the song requires careful fingerpicking to produce the individual notes of “Lemon Tree”. Playing the verses and the chorus is a breeze as it only requires common strumming.

3. “Truly, Madly, Deeply” By Savage Garden

The 90s watched the boost of Savage Garden. This pop duo from the Land Down Under created some of the most catchy songs of the 90s. One of their most unforgettable sensations is “Truly, Madly, Deeply” which also has a lot of covers. This hit song reached the charts in two the US, Australia, and New Zealand in 1997. The song’s guitar-etched, plush instrumentation worked so well with its romantic lyrics. This holds the song’s role in the checklist of the wonderful pop songs of the 1990s. This pop ballad is very fascinating to play on the acoustic guitar. Both the tonal structure and the chord progression are pretty easy and simple. With C, F, G, and Am four basic chords and a classic strum pattern, it is entirely a beginner-friendly tune. You can produce a very beautiful melody with a simple strumming pattern. Falling in love is friendly with this music filling the background. So, go on take an action, and play it to your cherished ones.

4. “You’re Beautiful” By James Blunt

The idea behind the creative process of the song might also not be the typical factor that artists have and it worked. The 2005 tune topped the UK, US, and Canada charts. The song even reached the Billboard Hot 100 at the top 40. This is a pop rock-soft rock song that lays fantastically on the guitar. And if you can mimic Blunt’s signature falsetto-like vocals, then you’ve got it made. The chords are uncommon for beginners. These are easy to learn, nevertheless. Also, strumming is simple and is made simple due to the fact of the slow tempo of the song. It is the perfect musical piece to play when you really want to serenade someone.

5. “Your Call” By Secondhand Serenade

The band introduced this song in 2007. This track was designed especially for the acoustic type of guitar. And when you add John Vesely’s riveting vocals and showmanship, you understand you’ve obtained an immediate hit on your hands. While you can strum the fundamental four chords of this song, we strongly recommend studying the fingerstyle. You will be playing the chords Csus2, Dadd11, Em, and G5. These are minor variants of the major chord of the song. Fingerpicking offers the song its elegant melody and a more piano-like timbre that makes the sound so beautiful. All in all, if you’re searching for easy pop songs on guitar this is a wonderful option.

6. “Hey Soul Sister” By Train

“Hey Soul Sister” is a song produced in 2009 by the American pop band Train. The track is the most financially profitable music the band has ever had, reaching the leading positions worldwide and triumphing a Grammy award. And this is one of the mush songs that has gained a platinum certification like six times. So, it says a lot about the acoustic quality of this pop-rock. Even though the tune is performed by a ukulele, it can be without problems adapted to the guitar, which is exciting. With C, G, Am, and F open chords, it is an easy song to play.

7. “All Of Me” By John Legend

“All Of Me” by John Legend is a lovely slow-tempo tune with its stunning chord transitions, which was surely composed for piano. Released in 2013, the music received well-known thanks to its romantic lyrics and sentimental melodies. This song has elements of soul and R&B, adding more charm to the vocals of Legend. The tune’s chord progression goes as Em, C, G, D, Am, and C/D. Also, the strum pattern is likewise quite friendly with a slow rhythm.

8. “Photograph” By Ed Sheeran

Those who are in a long-distance relationship would probably love this song. Recorded by Ed Sheeran in 2014, this acoustic folk-pop song loved great airtime play from a lot of radio stations all over the world globe. It’s certified triple platinum in the UK and double platinum in Oceania, Italy, and Canada. We mainly love the MTV of this track cause it offers Sheeran fans a unique glimpse of their idol growing up. Like with many of Sheeran’s songs, “Photograph” is usually pretty easy to play. The tune is best and the rhythm is really good for beginners. Playing this kind of many pop songs should be easy due to the fact of its simple 4-chord structure and very common strumming pattern. The chord progression is pretty predictable, even though with some slight editions in some parts of the song. It is absolutely a wonderful song to play.

9. “Galway Girl” By Ed Sheeran

Heavily influenced by Irish common music, “Galway Girl” is a lovely tune by the English singer Ed Sheeran and Irish folk band Beoga. The pop tune has a genuine sound with an average tempo, Irish flavor, and catchy melodies of Ed Sheeran. Actually, this tune can be a little difficult for absolute beginners as it consists of 6 chords and a complicated strum pattern. But it is quite an exciting song to play for guitarists with a bit of experience.

10. “Royals” By Lorde

It is the track that boosted the career path of Kiwi singer, Lorde. This New Zealand musician hit the charts in 2013 with this song, you couldn’t miss it. Also, It is regarded as one of the great songs ever to hit the charts in 2013. This type of many pop songs is a combo of electropop and art-pop. You can even hear the influences of hip hop, grime, and even indie-pop in the way the music is constructed. It really should be very exciting to play this Lorde track on your guitar. If this is your first time playing this song, then we advise using a single down strum for every beat of the chord. Don’t be scared as you can continually play much more difficult strumming patterns. The 3 chords, the tune features, and the strum pattern are pretty straightforward. What is essential at this moment is for you to recognize the rhythm of the song. This will actually help you get into the groove a lot quicker and put together you for bigger things.

11. “Blank Space” By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift collaborated with Shellback and Max Martin in the writing of this track that topped the charts in 2014. The lyrics are an exaggeration of Swift’s flirtatious reputation. Some can also even see it as a satirical illustration of the singer’s actual self. Regardless of how you look at “Blank Space”, there’s no denying that it is one of the most amazing electropop songs ever to be recorded in 2014. “Blank Space” has a rhythm that is nearly like a hip-hop beat. Guitarists can without problems play the 5-chord song with an easy strumming technique. It frequently employs down strums. You’ll want a capo on the third fret and set your guitar to the general tuning. We’ve seen some people play the song with no capo and it did turn out nice.

12. “Our Song” By Taylor Swift

It is a bright song with a snappy midtempo. Some like to think about it as a valuable gem that can hit as tough as metal. It is not shocking that this 2007 song was successful on the charts. The message is very relatable to any lady who is madly in love. We can’t suppose of a better track to play with your cherished one than “Our Song”. The track only has 4 fundamental chords that progress in a very predictable manner. Though, there is a fifth chord that guitarists frequently play at one part of the song to complement the twangy vocals of Swift. The uptempo of the song requires an up strum for each three-down strums. It’s as easy as that. This tune is a great country-style remarkable song to study and singalong. You’ll never get lost playing guitar chords of this pop song.

13. “You Belong With Me” By Taylor Swift

With a tune that can make little ladies dance with glee, this Taylor Swift song is best for the starting guitarist. It is likewise fantastic for pro guitarists who prefer music with a bouncy rhythm, a relatable message with beautiful lyrics, and a generally great vibe. It goes with no need to say that this is one of Swift’s most extraordinary hits in the first decade of the new millennia. The chords can’t get any easier and more primary than the ones employed in this song. There are very minimal adjustments in the way you’ll strum the chords. It points to an elementary chord progression alongside a basic strum pattern, a pleasant and easy tune to play. This is one of the easy pop songs to play on a guitar that we definitely advise to beginners you absolutely will have fun doing it.

14. “Ride” By Twenty One Pilots

“Ride” is the famous song written by the American musical duo Twenty One Pilots in 2016. With the aspects of rock, hip hop, reggae, punk, electro, and pop, it is an amazing tune to study and play. Twenty-One Pilots are one of only a bunch of artists to have three hit songs in the leading 5 Billboard awards at one time. The tune consists of 5 basic chords, which are really easy to play. Also, the difficulties come with the strumming pattern as it involves offbeat upstrokes and stops. Listen to this song attentively to play it correctly.

15. “Payphone” By Maroon 5

There’s no mistaking the ingenious piano hook in this 2012 hit track by Maroon 5. It has some of the greatest factors of rhythm & blues and pop music to provide you with a song that has one of the catchiest melodies in the universe. It is a top 10-friendly song, peaking at number 2 in the charts. The track is both equally catchy and melodic without being overly aggressive. The beat has military precision, whilst yet managing to sound touching in a very convincing way. Playing “Payphone” on your guitar isn’t difficult. You would possibly be intimidated by the Cadd9 chord. However, the finger positioning of this chord is so a lot less difficult than it sounds. Start with simple strumming before you get fancy. That has to help you experience the groove of this song and get ready to rock the house.

16. “I Love It” By Icona Pop

Anytime a band or even a disc jockey plays this 2012 song, the crowd really can’t firmly plant their feet on the ground. The song has a very hypnotic rhythm and a pulsating groove that will make anybody desire to hit the dance floor right away. This is an electro-pop and a dance-pop that Icona Pop released. That’s precisely what you’ll get when you play this song. While your guitar may also not have the electrifying beat of the original musical arrangement, you can guess your guitar can give justice to the song. Also, the chords are easy and the strumming will never tax your fingers. The key is to catch the rhythm that will raise the song to a dance-worthy piece.

17. “Die Young” By Kesha

Released in 2012, “Die Young” is the pop songs sensation of the American singer Kesha that provides you with an indescribable vibe. This song involves electro-pop components and acoustic guitar strums with an uptempo dance beat that makes you dance. The track is played with four chords, Bm, A, G, and D, with a steady chord progression alongside a speedy tempo dancy strum pattern. Listen to the music attentively to get a hold of the rhythm and the strum pattern. And then after you do it, it is a fairly exciting song to play.

18. “Get Lucky” By Daft Punk

The 2013 Grammy award winner hit “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk, Pharrel Williams is a house-inspired disco, funk, and pop tune with a fundamental yet extraordinary melody. The track reached and topped the charts in many countries with massive success. Though, you can play this piece with only four basic chords and a fairly simple strum pattern. Surely, with a capo on the 2nd fret, the tune sounds even better and is less difficult to sing. So, enjoy your playing.

19. “Call Me Maybe” By Carly Rae Jepsen

It’s nearly not possible to resist the opening beat of this song by the Canadian pop star, later on, in 2013 it became a huge hit. “Call Me Maybe” has an intro that is so catchy that it’ll have you tapping your foot or even percussing your pencil on your table after just a few notes of the song. And then Carly Rae Jepsen is already belting the chorus, you’ll find yourself singing, too. Imagine enjoying this song on your guitar. The family all around you will be getting up to dance. If not, they’ll be accompanying your guitar playing with their personal makeshift instruments. The chords of “Call Me Maybe” aren’t that challenging at all, only four chords, G, Em, C, and D, the strumming pattern is as well straightforward. Although, it’s the rhythm that you need to pay attention to. It has that bubblegum pop songs vibe to it that works so properly with the dance-pop and teen pop style of the song.

20. “Just The Way You Are” By Bruno Mars

We’ve decided to involve this tune due to the fact it can be an amazing instrument for beginner guitar players to analyze and practice a few fingerpicking techniques. The fingerstyle is a super addition to the regular strumming technique. You can constantly play “Just the Way You Are” only using the traditional strumming method, of course. However, you will now not be capable to provide justice to the lovely harmonies of the song. And what a beautiful melody this track has. It is a very beautiful mix of soft rock and pop genres with guidelines of rhythm and blues to provide it that wonderful Bruno Mars song. As the tune aspects only three chords, it will be simple to learn this song. The pulse is both equally danceable and steady. The chorus is an ideal sing-along piece. You might also think the lyrics to be sappy, cheesy, and corny, still, it is unforgettable.

21. “Diamonds” By Rihanna

You can be not a fan of Rihanna to like this song. But, It has the best elements of R&B and electro songs with a comfortable mid-tempo pop songs style. The initial version has electronic rhythms, orchestral sounds, and heavy synthesizers that complement Rihanna’s signature deep vocals. Even though, the lyrics of the tune are pretty uncommon if you’re thinking about Rihanna’s different songs. The mid-tempo nature of the song makes it quite easy for pop songs to play on the guitar. You should have arthritis and yet be able to play the four chords of this 2012 song, creating an acoustic version of the piece. Try to play it with different strum patterns exploring the greatest one possible. Try to always start with a very fundamental down strum playing the different chords. You need to be capable to focus on the general strumming pattern of the song after a few tries on the primary down strum. It should be an enjoyable and fun song to play and to listen to.

22. “Love On The Weekend” By John Mayer

This track highlighted John Mayer’s return to his pop-rock roots besides sacrificing the bluesy flair that we have come to love about his songs. It’s an ultimate hit that all people could not get enough of it. It has an unforgettable rhythm and the lyrics are something that almost every person can relate to. It wouldn’t actually be shocking if you’re going to play this one on your guitar. First, the chords are very elementary. It’s a first-grader that you can without problems play this song. Second, the strumming pattern is as easy as absolute beginners hope it to be. “Love On The Weekend” is surely given to give you a great backgrounder on guitar playing basics. The song likewise has a good guitar riff that’s fascinating to learn. Put these things together and you’re prepared to play any song, cause it is ideal for beginners as it features the fundamentals of pop songs guitar style.

23. “Rolling In The Deep” By Adele

“Rolling In The Deep” is one of the other globally well-known music by British singer-songwriter Adele. She describes the tune as a dark, bluesy gospel disco tune. As you may notice, the song might also have a dark, nearly sinister start, only to shock you with its upbeat vibe after the first verse. The vocals can send your spine into a frantic shiver. “Rolling in the Deep” has a dark, bluesy groove that blends nicely with a modern-day disco tune. There’s no doubt that this is Adele’s most necessary piece. To play it on your guitar will supply you the moment to add bluesy pop music that has enough to get all people to the dance floor. So, you can play the tune with four simple open chords with relaxed finger positions. The strum pattern is quite straightforward, making the song excellent.

24. “Ghost Town” By Adam Lambert

The 2015 hit song “Ghost Town” by Adam Lambert is popular for its cowboy-style intro with whistles and s guitar balladry interlaced with catchy electronic dance song bits. It has pretty a dark character, still, it is a fantastic piece to study and play on guitar. You will need 5 simple chords to play the tune with special strum patterns on verses, chorus, and bridge sections. The structure of the tune lets for nearly uncomplicated guitar-playing. Specific chord progressions and strum patterns provide the piece character escaping it to sound monotonous or dull.

25. “Love Yourself” By Justin Bieber

And one of the Canadian pop songs sensations that became the best and hippest songs in 2015 is “Love Yourself”. This is an acoustic type of many pop songs meant only for the acoustic guitar. The track is perfect for playing with an acoustic one and singalong with a soft, mellow tone. That is why we included this track as one of the great things that any guitarist play. Justin Bieber sang it with a huskier tone, giving the music a softer melody and a more comfy vibe. One more reason why we included the song on this listing is that it only has 5 simple chords, which include a Bm chord which you will need to use the barring method to play. As it is a slow-tempo song, you can exercise it the moment you enjoy playing the tune. Also, It’s excellent for beginner guitarists to play the song with an easy down strum of the chords. Advanced guitarists can constantly experiment and play around with the song’s fingerstyle. However, you want to play this song, it sounds great and even soulful.

Final Review

There have been our top easy pop songs on the guitar checklist. Hope you really enjoy it cause pop songs are great learning sources for beginners. As they are the songs we all know, they have quite simple tune structures and in the main consist of basic chords and strum patterns. So, playing these tunes will get you inspired, improve your guitar skills, and provide you with a wonderful time enjoying and singing the tunes with your friends. Thank you for your attention!

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