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Easy Electric Guitar Songs

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The Ultimate Article About Easy Electric Guitar Songs

Easy Electric Guitar SongsAmbitious rock stars and live band performers must always look at two things when beginning on their journey. The very first is to have a really good electric guitar that they can get familiar with and pleasant playing guitar. The second is to select the right guitar songs to help you learn the elements of playing an electric guitar. You’ll master hammers-on, bends, slides, and a variety of finger styles. You will likewise need to strengthen your sense of rhythm, together with a few other songs basics of electric guitar playing. Below is a playlist of some fun playing and easy electric guitar songs for beginners. Even though you won’t land on the world stage, these guitar play songs can surely be an instant hit with your friend and family.

Best Easy Electric Guitar Songs

1. “Californication” By Red Hot Chili Peppers

It is nearly hopeless to consider Red Hot Chili Peppers without their 1999 hit song “Californication”. Definitely, the band features a lot of additional remarkable guitar songs. Having said that, it is “Californication” that got the fantasy of most people at the turn of the new thousand years. It offers a relaxed vibe. The song starts by deciding on each of the Am and the F guitar chords for a full 12 measures. You can after that carry on to an easy pattern of C-G-Dm-Am before you return to the original Am-F chord for 8 full measures. There is a strumming pattern for the pre-chorus, as well. This goes on for about 12 measures. As soon as you get these fundamentals, you should have the capacity to play the song’s guitar solo that spans a whopping 16 measures. These should really help you improve your talents as an electric beginner guitarist or professional.

2. “Otherside” By Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Otherside” is the third single from the Red Hot Chili Peppers album “Californication”, released in 1999. It is just one of the most popular guitar songs of an American band. This tune includes a straightforward iconic riff together with a number of barre chords and a straightforward melodic solo. It is an outstanding tune to practice soloing and the barring strategy.

3. “Low” By Cracker

Many people believe that “Low” has to do with drugs thanks to the “being stone” phrase in the lyrics. They regularly hear the phrase “being stoned”, and that has a darker meaning. This didn’t stop the 1993 song from going to the charts. In 1994, “Low” reached Hot 100’s number 64 spot. It is likewise Billboard’s number 3 modern rock track in 1993. The song focuses even more on the downbeat than the upbeat, succeeding easy guitar songs for newbies to play and master. And with only four chords to really pay attention to D, C, E, and G, learning to play the intro in this Cracker song need to be done inside as short as a few hours. The verses and the chorus will necessitate a number of different techniques for playing electric guitar. The bends and the hammers-on need to allow you to get a feel for what a true electric guitarist does when on the stage.

4. “Iron Man” By Black Sabbath

The heave metal pioneer band Black Sabbath’s among one some of the most widely known tunes is “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath. The tune of “Iron Man” offers the iconic old-school riff known by every rock fan. The awesome riff is played with 2-note power chords on the upper strings. It is certainly a riff to learn and master, filled with important techniques like slides, legatos, and single-note shifts. It is likewise an absolutely rewarding riff to play guitar songs that help make you seem like a rockstar, like Black Sabbath.

5. “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” By The Rolling Stones

Fans of Keith Richards adore this song. It features among one of Richards’ greatest iconic guitar riffs ever before. We like the rock-meets-soul vibe of the song that even more cemented the band’s place all over the world of rock n’ roll. Listening to the song “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” the very first time gives you a buzzsaw sensation. Give it a few even more seconds and the song turn you. It might be pretty much inconceivable to become that appealing guitar riff away from your head. What is highly impressive about this 1965 song is that it is among the most fun and easiest beginner electric guitar songs someone may play and also it can be called for the title of easy rock guitar songs. You just need to focus on a single string to play the legendary riff. You are able to play the song with gusto, hammering the strings as solid as you wish. It is likewise possible to give it a number of twists. For right now, it would definitely be most effective to concentrate on the basic rhythm.

6. “Whole Lotta Love” By Led Zeppelin

A private preferred, the song “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin is effortlessly some of the very best songs that any beginner electric guitarist is able to learn and it suits title easy rock guitar songs. The riff is catchy and lasting. What is even more amazing is the idea that the guitar riff provides the strong hook of the work of art. It may possibly be a bit tricky that you may master Jimmy’s phenomenal lead guitar-playing capabilities after only a few practices. Nevertheless, it is very attainable to master the song’s opening riff in a matter of minutes. And when you master it, studying the entire song should be easy, like any other easy guitar songs. This song is just one of Led Zeppelin’s biggest parts. Rolling Stone magazine ranked the song at number 75 in the platform’s 500 all-time greatest. BBC Radio 2 recognized the guitar riff of the song as the greatest in the history of music. That’s a sufficient factor to involve this song in your guitar-playing repertoire.

7. “My Best Friend’s Girl” By The Cars

The power-pop smash hit song, “My Best Friend’s Girl” by The Cars is an entertaining song to play with its rockabilly guitar riff. It is just remembered as a positive melodic youth-oriented good rock song with catchy handclap impacts. You can easily play the tune with two guitars. The rhythm guitar plays the uncomplicated power chords while the top guitar plays the simple song melody.

8. “Hold The Line” By Toto

“Hold The Line” is a globally popular song by the American rock star band Toto, released in 1978. The tune comes with a moderate tempo melodic structure which is really entertaining, particularly for beginner guitarists. The main riff is played with power chords and slides down the fretboard. With a little bit of overdrive added, it is an absolutely cool melody to play, most especially the part whenever you slide down the fretboard.

9. “Night Train” By James Brown Feat. The Famous Flame

James Brown performed the 1951 Jimmy Forrest song “Night Train” in 1961 and replaced the first lyrics with cities from his tour plan, presenting a personal touch to the song. The version got really widely known, and Brown published it as a single in 1962. The tune provides a 12-bar blues progression, and the main riff is continued in the whole song. It is a great song to get knowledgeable about 12-bar progressions and various scale settings on the fretboard.

10. “Back In Black” By ACDC

ACDC’s famous sensation “Back In Black” is famous for its rock-solid guitar riff, commemorated as being one of the greatest guitar riffs of all time. It may be a little tough for complete beginners to play all the riffs, yet it is captivating to learn and play this tune. It is played with distorted guitar chords, and the solo completes between the partitions. The solo may well not be suitable for beginner guitarists, but the riffs and the chorus parts are fantastic for beginner players.

11. “Cherub Rock” By Smashing Pumpkins

You’ll enjoy Billy Corgan’s astonishing option for mixing pop hooks and impressive hard rock riffs in this work of art by the Smashing Pumpkins. Released in 1993, Cherub Rock gained a Grammy choice for the best performance in hard rock. Corgan performed the song using common tuning. Nevertheless, he played the E octave at the 7th fret. This song is a great songs overview to striving guitar players who wish to present classic arena rock and shoegazing in their future creations. The strumming pattern on such easy guitar songs is a good one for beginners. The fretting movements will necessitate some finger and wrist adaptability. You might likewise wish to introduce a slide in between the guitar chords. The song also serves as a learning device for practicing standard finger styles. And with its smashing melodies, this is one song well worth playing throughout large gatherings. It’s one cool solution to wow your guests. Generally, this is a quick and easy electric guitar song that’s enjoyable and it’s an easy guitar song to master.

12. “Nothing Else Matters” By Metallica

A popular in many of Metallica’s live performances, this song “Nothing Else Matters” is a good beginner part for those who wish to start a guitar journey playing the electric guitar. Especially, the intro of this song. The arpeggio in E minor is consistently a fantastic beginning to every song. Any time Metallica performs the song live, they usually shift it about half a step lower. The song starts off with a low E on an open string. An open G follows just before the high E gets strung. Playing the intro alone suffices to get anyone vibing. It has this eerie feeling to it that strikes the soul. And we’re not speaking of bass here. The manner the progression of the notes satisfies to wake up the senses. As well as when you start off playing the individual notes, you get a melody that sounds extra like a lullaby than a heavy metal song.

13. “Helter Skelter” By The Beatles

The loudest song of The Beatles is unquestionable “Helter Skelter”. Released in 1968, the tune of the song features a dirty and aggressive tone, taking into consideration the beginning sparks of a heavy metal song or maybe hard rock. The rhythm guitar partitions of the song are used power chords and are much more than workable. The lead partitions are likewise not tough, with a lot of slides, bends, and legatos. It is a fun song to play and an informative song to learn for beginner players.

14. “The One I Love” By REM

REM’s 1987 smash hit “The One I Love” is a superb ballad with perfect melodies. It is thought about as one of the best ballads of rock history. The song is played with two guitars, one acoustic guitar, and one electric. Even though the acoustic guitar strums the guitar chords, the electric guitar plays the riffs and arpeggios and some solo transitions.

15. “Immigrant Song” By Led Zeppelin

One of the initial profitable sensations of the mythical Led Zeppelin is “Immigrant Song” from 1970. The uptempo tune offers many rock-solid riffs along with Robert Plant’s fantastic vocals. The song is played with the main riff on the upper two strings and a bridge with power chords. It is an incredibly exciting riff to play a guitar song.

16. “Hotel California” By Eagles

People who really want to learn to play the guitar must feature this 1977 classic song in your playlist. Whilst an acoustic guitar is perfect for playing this song, doing the fingerstyle in an electric is truly worth it. Anyway, the original recording of the song provided an extended section that saw Joe Walsh and Don Felder interplaying with their electric guitars. The song has also just one of the longest codas in the world. This caused the guitar section to be voted together of music history’s greatest solos. “Hotel California” instructs you a lot of features of playing the electric guitar. From the classic picking practices to the precise fretting movements, you’ll have much of the basics covered. Some folks might just get the fingering methods to be complicated. All you ever before truly need is the patience to learn the basics before you might start notching it up a bit.

17. “Smoke On The Water” By Deep Purple

Following in the footsteps of the famous Rolling Stones is Deep Purple. This English hard rock band introduced “Smoke On The Water” in 1973. Total Guitar rated this song as the 4th biggest guitar riff of all time. The Rolling Stones magazine even included this Deep Purple song in its list of mankind’s 500 biggest guitar songs. Ritchie Blackmore created the riff in G minor, combining a blues scale melody that uses only 4 notes. Blackmore harmonized the notes in parallel fourths. What many of us don’t know is that Blackmore drew inspiration from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. He inverted the melodies of the classical piece to create a power chords riff that has transformed into as lasting as Beethoven’s masterpiece. Beginner guitar players will find playing the chord progression relatively simple. Learning a single section satisfies to play the whole song. It’s quite exciting, too.

18. “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’” By Judas Priest

Coming from the 1950s to the 1980s, it does not very easy for non-US artists to enter the charts in the US. They’ve can have a phenomenal song “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” to appeal to the US people. One of these kinds of artists is Judas Priest. This is a West Midlands-based heavy metal band that is these days understood as being one of the world’s all-time greatest metal bands. The band released this song in 1982 and reached the charts quickly. There is no getting away from the nearly meditative slow rhythm of this Judas Priest song. Paying attention to the song will have you beating to the rhythm. And if you’re in your car, be mindful of your gas as the beat of this song will make you wish to step on it. This exciting feeling is something that you are able to also get when you learn to play this fantastic song.

19. “Rockin’ In The Free World” By Neil Young

There’s no question which song “Rockin’ In The Free World” is one of Neil Young’s best. It positions at the center of the pack of Rolling Stone’s 500 everlasting top guitar songs. Young introduced two versions of this song. If you participate in playing the acoustic guitar, then you need to select the version with an acoustic arrangement. Newbie electric players will experience the electric version of the song to become a great piece. The interest in Young’s song has led to its increased use in the political arena in the US. Beginner guitar players will never have issues with the song’s strumming patterns. It is a great exercise for developing your guitar-playing talents. The song likewise has moderate fingerstyle sections that are best for greatly improving finger coordination and flexibility. In general, we wish to suppose that this is a fantastic electric guitar song for beginners.

20. “Do I Wanna Know” By The Arctic Monkeys

Among the most wonderful guitar riffs of the 2010s and amongst the best guitar songs for beginners is “Do I Wanna Know” from the popular English indie rock star band The Arctic Monkeys. The tune is developed around the stomping guitar riff that is easy and exceptionally fun to play. Repeated a lot of times throughout the song, the riff is the core of the tune and provides a lot of essential strategies like slides and hammer-ons. It is a fantastic riff to play with some overdrive, excellent for beginners.

21. “The Man Who Sold The World” By David Bowie

David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold The World” has a distinct electric guitar riff that is a superb choice for a beginner guitar player. The riff is small and fun to play, with all the notes on the 4th string. The verses are played with strummed chords, and the bridge riff is an outstanding exercise for each hand. A perfect song to have a good time, make practice, and progression is a guitar player.

22. “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” By Blue Oyster Cult

Most of us love the tune and melody of the 1976 song, and even additionally like its message involving everlasting love along with the certainty of our end. It is for this reason that the song has a really creepy, nearly haunting vibe. Don’t allow it to spook you because this is among the everlasting greatest guitar songs, according to Rolling Stone. The song “Don’t Fear The Reaper” is great for learning a couple of fingerstyle methods. This song is also better for those who presently have a basic understanding of arpeggios. You are able to always strengthen your arpeggio picking capabilities, even though also harnessing your palm muting capabilities. The intro includes a very lovely and easy strum. The chords are fantastic for beginners and the tune weighs that will have you relaxing, assessing life. This is a wonderful studying song for a beginning electric guitarist.

23. “I Got You (I Feel Good)” By James Brown

The around the world widely known success “I Got You I Feel Good” by the soul and funk singer James Brown is a simple and uplifting tune to play for novice guitarists to make the audience dance to the snappy rhythm. The guitar chords to play the song may well be a little bit complex with complex songs for absolute beginners. If you believe the 4-note chords have hard positions, you can easily play them as 2-note power chords deciding on the upper 2 strings just.

24. “Zombie” By The Cranberries

Published in 1994, “Zombie” is the worldwide well-known hit by the Irish band The Cranberries. The tune was collected as a demonstration in opposition to the attack of the Provisional Irish Republican Army in 1993. With clean open guitar chords, power guitar chords with overdrive, simple solo partitions, and transitions, the tune has anything a beginner guitarist would certainly crave for. It is instructive in addition to entertaining, the best song to master.

25. “Roxanne” By the Police

Sting wrote “Roxanne” in 1978 when he was quite a member of The Police. The lyrical theme is extremely close to the 1990 Richard Gere-Julia Roberts film, Pretty Woman. This song is one of history’s biggest rock songs. This is a rock song with factors of reggae that will make you feel like taking to the dance floor. The intro is quite simple, and it’s easy guitar songs to play on the electric guitar. What is truly important is to master the fingering technique of the song to accomplish the specific electro sound of the song. It needs the lifting of the fretting fingers delicately to stop the strings from making an extended note with each strum. The song also calls for mastery of the guitar pick, although you can regularly employ a fingerpicking technique. This is an exciting song to play on any occasion.

26. “Sultans Of Swing” By Dire Straits

This is Dire Straits’ most exciting and highly popular song “Sultans Of Swing”. The guitar solo of the song practically offered the British rockers to the whole world. Actually, people who exactly have never become aware of Dire Straits prior to were instantly entranced by the band’s mastery of the guitar. And also who might have assumed that one could make a hit song on an open-tuned guitar? The song’s chord progression is perfect for guitar songs for beginners as it is easy to follow. There are no substantial contrasts in the chords between a variety of verses and different choruses. This is likewise a wonderful part of mastering a triad of guitar riffs, centering generally on second inversions. As well as, the Andalucian cadence of the song gives it a really nice flamenco-like vibe. We would not blame you if you all of a sudden end up favoring jazz after learning to play this song.

27. “I Saw Her Standing There” By The Beatles

There are numerous reasons this Beatles song “I Saw Her Standing There” is Rolling Stone’s 139th biggest song in the history of man. Written by Paul McCartney, this song stays a must-learn for many aspiring musicians. There are numerous guitar techniques you can easily learn from this song. You likewise have the chance to appreciate McCartney’s guitar chord selections. It is also a great method for knowing how John Lennon mixes classic rock leads and a boogie-style rhythm to produce a masterpiece that continues to enjoy significant airtime in the 21st century. It is a must that you currently have an honest grasp of the basics of guitar playing before you take on this song. This Beatles classic is going to test the coordination of your fretting fingers. Your playing fingers will even need to be on-point when selecting or strumming the correct strings. Master these strategies and you prepare to play more complex songs.

Final Review

Easy Electric Guitar SongsThere actually are a number of simple electric guitar songs on guitar, and other musical instruments, that you might master. Decide on among your preferreds from the list above, like a song you really love will be much easier to learn than the one you might not be loving. You’ll be practicing it frequently, and so pick a song you appreciate playing! Once you’ve mastered simply just one of these very easy electric and other kinds of songs on guitar, trust us, you’ll like to move on to the rest. You’ll be an expert quickly! Thank you for your attention! We hope you find this guide helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A Good First Song To Learn On Electric Guitar?

The opening four power chords riff of Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” is one of the first guitar songs a lot of electric guitarists learn.

2. Can You Play Any Song On An Electric Guitar?

Yet the reply is, of course, you can, in theory, have the opportunity to play just about any type of electric guitars piece on almost any of electric guitars, although the song will be fit well when the guitar’s brand, shape, size, and tuning, are comparable to what was used in the original recording.

3. Can I Play Acoustic Songs On The Electric Guitar?

Understanding to play acoustic guitar songs on an electric guitar may possibly be relatively tricky. Yet ordinarily of thumb, turn off all distortion, effectively, a bit crunch can be good on a few tunes, yet you’re often better with a clean sound. Often it’s used the neck pick-up for a warm and bright sound. A little reverb doesn’t hurt both.

4. Is Electric Guitar Easier Than Acoustic?

Electric guitars are easier to play. The strings are less heavy and far more comfy than acoustic guitars. One important feature that makes electric guitars so that eye-catching is that they are a lot smaller sized than acoustic guitars, and so it does make finding out more pleasant.

5. Can You Use Chord Buddy On The Electric Guitar?

Chord buddy deals with every full-size electric and acoustic guitar, full-size classical guitars, and full-size guitar that are made for left and right-handed players. Only ensure you select the right match with other songs.

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